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How much love do you put into giving?

How many times do you give to people without emotion? For example do you open a door for someone but don’t say hello?  Do you just hand money to someone without encouraging words?  Do you spend time with your kids but not fully engage with them by laughing and acting like a kid yourself?

It not about what we give, it’s about how much energy or love we give to the person we are giving too.

Let’s take our free day of dentistry, for example.  Yes, my staff and I are giving to the community and are doing a good thing, but if when we give we don’t show love or go the extra mile to make every person or patient feel special, then we fail.  The person you are giving to should feel so overwhelmed with the love you show that they should almost forget you did something for them.

Truly, aren’t you the one really getting something when you give with love?  First, you will be blessed in heaven and with Christ, and secondly you feel such a great joy and happiness when you are truly giving with love.  Let’s say you buy a gift for someone.

When you buy a gift for a person you don’t love, there isn’t much thought. It’s a gift card or something that’s not personal, it doesn’t mean much.  But if you buy a gift for someone you love, the gift should have more meaning.  You get excited when they open the gift because you know you nailed it!  You love them so much and you know how happy they will be when they get it.

As a parent, they best gifts I have ever received usually come from a simple painting or card from my children. I know they put so much love into it!  The gift to me would be worth a million dollars; however, I would never sell it.  When my children put that much effort and time in a gift it means way more than any fancy gift because it had the magic power of “LOVE!” 

So, remember when you give something put your all in the giving, and do it with an overabundance of love.

God bless you all,

Dr Bobby J. Grossi

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