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The Tornado

Do you live in a whirlwind, or feel that way at times? That whirlwind of all the things that we deal with in our everyday lives like money problems, chauffeuring kids around, or dealing with an unpleasant colleague at work that keep us from setting daily goals and actually accomplishing them.  We spend so much of our time focusing on what we think are urgent things when truly they are not.  We do this over and over and at the end of the day, or at the end of the week, we actually accomplish nothing at all that moves us closer to our goals.  We’re so busy being busy that we’re getting nothing done. 

Let me ask you another question.  What did you accomplish last week? What were the three most important things you did?  Most of you reading this will not be able to write three things down, or it will be very difficult.  That is because you have been sucked up into the tornado of life.  You have been focusing on surviving instead of thriving!  You are merely existing instead of trying to grow every day and become better. 

As we get older we tend to merely get through a day and not even reflect on our goals and dreams. We get sucked up into the tornado of life which leaves us struggling to remember, or even define, what it is we really want out of life.  People who focus their time on clearly defining and hitting their goals tend to hit them.  They tend to be the people at the end of the week that can write down what they accomplished.  Are you that person? 

If the answer is no, you need to reprioritize by what means the most to you.  Write down your goals on a sheet of paper daily and focus on getting them done.  It will be a struggle to not get sucked into the tornado at first, but if you truly focus on being disciplined and doing this you will be successful. You only have one life you can live and you have to take advantage of every precious moment you have. Don't waste a day just existing… LIVE it and ENJOY it knowing you’re growing and moving closer to what it is you want. Be ready for every pitch that life will throw at you. You are responsible for making your dreams come true!

May God Bless You

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