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Effort is the Fuel

“You can’t get anything without effort.  Effort is the fuel to start the journey toward your goals.”  Bobby J Grossi, DDS

I hear a lot of people say they want to be a better person, or a better player.  It is one thing to want something, but it’s another to actually work toward getting what you want.  Most people do not put enough effort in to get what they want to reach their goals.  Some people start but then lose their motivation and can only sustain the effort for short periods of time, which makes them fall short of their objective.

Think of effort as gas in the car.  Without gas you can’t start the engine much less get to your final destination. You need gas to make the car go and propel you closer to your dreams.  I’ve said it many times…it is not always the person who is the most talented that wins.  It is the person who gives the most effort on a consistent basis that usually wins; the person that is most committed and laser-focused. 

I am not saying that effort is the only thing you need to be successful, I am merely saying it starts with effort to even begin your journey.  Effort is the gas that gets the engine running.  As much as we would like someone else to do it for us, it has to come from us.  It takes YOU and YOUR effort to make your dreams come true. 

Have a blessed day!

Dr Bobby J Grossi.

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