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Are you Willing and Unwilling?

So many times in life people go through life and are willing to put up with things, and are unwilling to do something to make a difference.  The bottom line is “you have the life you are willing to put up with.” (Gary bishop)

If you are willing to put up with your situation, and do nothing to change it, in essence you are saying it is okay to be where you are at this point.  Or you are tolerating your life and saying it is okay.  Meaning you are perfectly happy with where you are at in your life at this time.  You are telling your subconscious mind that this is exactly where I want to be right now. 

Some people might say they want to lose 10 pounds but are they willing to make the necessary changes in their life to accomplish these feats?  Are they willing to make the necessary changes in their diet?  Are they willing to make the changes and work out?  Are they willing to make the sacrifices and changes in their life to maintain that weight loss forever?  Are they unwilling to go back to being the weight they were before they lost the ten pounds?  Too many people lose 10 pounds and then gain it right back. Why?  Maybe they are truly happy with not losing those 10 pounds.  I know this is confusing but work with me for a minute.  Maybe the person truly likes being overweight and is perfectly happy.  That is ok and awesome if that is the case.  Just don’t persecute yourself about being 10 pounds over-weight.  Embrace it and LOVE YOURSELF FOR THAT.  I say this because if you truly wanted to lose ten pounds, then you would. It is that we are unwilling to make the permanent changes necessary to keep those 10 pounds off forever.  If we truly want something, it is only you that prevents you from achieving it.

Most things in life happen because we are either willing to tolerate it, and unwilling to make the necessary changes to accomplish it.  People say all the time they want to be rich financially.  I have one question, are they willing to put their neck on the line to make it happen? Are they willing to work endless hours and not see their family?  Are they willing to not buy that $100 gift at Target that is 25% off?  Most people have the ability to be great but are truly unwilling to allow themselves to be great. 

I will argue it is the willing and unwilling that controls our lives. If we all truly wanted something, and I mean down to the fiber of our cells, then we would be willing to do whatever it takes. We would be unwilling to stay where we are in life.  Maybe we don’t have the things we think we want because we truly don’t want those things.  We are unwilling to go get them, because it is not what we truly want.

I know if you want to have a healthy marriage, you need to be willing to spend time with your spouse and make him or her a priority.  Husband and wife can’t always play second fiddle to everything else.  Also if you want to be a great parent, you need to be willing to spend quality time with them, and unwilling to allow distractions to occupy that time.  The same is true with everything.

If you want a different life, then stop the B.S.  You are the only person that can change it.  You are the only one that truly knows what you want.  This world is yours for the taking.  Go be the best version of yourself you can be, and stop being unwilling to change.  Be willing to make a difference.

The Life you have is controlled by your will and will-nots.

Bobby J Grossi DDS

This blog was inspired by Gary Bishop.

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