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What do you think about when you hear the word Deposits? Do you think of money? To most people the answer to this question would be of course YES! I want to discuss this in a different way today. Deposits work in every situation of your life right now. How much do you have deposited in your bank account? How much is deposited into your kids, or marriage? How much do you deposit into your health and wellness? How much do you deposit into your spirituality?

Money, Love, Spirituality, and your wellness is all nothing but deposits. You can’t continuously take money out of your bank account without putting money back into the account. If you take more than you put in, obviously you will go broke and run out of money and live a life without financial stability. You will struggle your whole life.

How many times do you hang around people who drag you down, or do not lift you up? Are you constantly thinking about how negative that person is and you just want them to go away? That is because they are taking from you, more than they are giving you. Most people in life only think of what they can take versus what they can give. Most relationships are not in balance and it is one sided. A life in BALANCE is beautiful. You need to always give more than what you take in relationship. If you don’t, then the bank will run dry and you will not have a loving relationship with any of them.

The same is true about your spiritual growth, you cannot always ask the Lord for guidance or the Universe for help, without acting as a good person, doing random acts of kindness, to make a difference in this world. You cannot grow if you’re not giving more than you receive.

The body is the same way. You can’t keep abusing your body and expect it to perform at a high level, and or have the energy to reach your full potential and goals. You need to be very careful what you deposit into your body, so when you withdraw from it, it is functioning at a high level. Al-
so, are you working on yourself to grow? Do you study how to be a better spouse or parent, are you studying how to be a better business person? Are you working out? You need to deposit more into yourself than you take out, or eventually you will crash.

Too many times we take away more than what we put into things. Life is about balance and making a difference in this world. My challenge to you: Deposit more everyday into the people that matter to you, into your bank accounts, into your marriage, into your children, into your body. Give yourself a score sheet and make it a goal, not a hope. If you do, I promise you, you will be blessed beyond belief, and you will never take from people more than you give. Just try it for a week and watch how much your life changes.

God Bless
Bobby J Grossi DDS

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